Service request in the AEE (Commercial Customers)

What includes?


  • Manager for the commercial service request in the Electric Power Authority (AEE).


What should the client provide?


  • Complete information of the applicant.
  • Deed or Purchase Agreemen
  • If the property is rented it must include:
  • Information about the owner
  • first name
  • address
  • phones
  • Lease or Rental Agreement. At the discretion of the Authority, it may be required that the contract be duly notarized.
  • Electrical Certification
  • Current Use Permit issued by OGPe or Autonomous Municipality on behalf of the owner of the property and for the specific use that will be given to the property.
  • If it is an artificial entity such as a corporation or mercantile society, it must present the following documents evidencing the legal personality to contract:
  • If it is a corporation:
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of Existence or Authorization to Do Business in Puerto Rico (must not have more than six months from the date of issue).
  • Certificate of Validity or Good Standing Certificate of less than six months of expedition.
  • Minutes of the Board of Directors authorizing the officer to request electric service
  • Employer Social Security Number (EIN)
  • Signed letter that authorizes to carry out the requested steps.
  • Payment of the deposit (when requesting the service they will indicate the amount).


Important note:

The Electric Power Authority reserves the right to request any other document or condition that it considers necessary in any specific case and without having to explain the reason for such requirement.

Service request in the AEE (Commercial Customers)