Trademark Registration in USA (Standard Character and Special Form)

What includes?


  • Analysis of the corresponding class type.
  • Complete the application for the registration of the trademark as a standard character and a special form.
  • Brand presentation report.
  • Answer the actions related to the registration process.
  • Sending the certificate after approval.


What must the customer provide?


  • Complete information, both the owner of the brand and its representative.
  • Signed letter authorizing us to carry out the requested steps.
  • Evidence of the use of the trademark or its intention to use it.
  • IMPORTANT: The registration fee varies from $ 225 to $ 400 per class.
  • IMPORTANT: Payment for registration is the responsibility of the client and he must provide us with the information of the card from which the debit will be made.
  • IMPORTANT: If the client does not have a card to make the debit, we will send him an invoice through paypal which will include a service charge equivalent to 10% of the government cost.


Important note:

We do not guarantee final approval of the trademark application. Approval rests exclusively with the corresponding government entities. Prices do not include fees and costs charged by third parties or government entities and do not include legal fees. The prices do not include proceedings against rejections due to confusion and / or oppositions. Prices do not include legal representation.


All the evidence to prove the use or the intention to use the trademark will always be provided by the client, as well as the payment for registration.

Trademark Registration in USA (Standard Character and Special Form)