Commercial Use Permit - Change of Owner (Premises up to 3,000 s / f)

What includes?

  • Visit to the premises
  • Sketch of the premises.
  • Explanatory Memorial.
  • Photos.
  • Application and Payment of "Good Standing" from the Department of State, if necessary.
  • Request and Payment of Certification of the CRIM, if necessary.
  • Filing and Payment of the Use Permit for one use only.

What should the client provide?

  • Complete information, both personal and business or office to establish.
  • Signed letter that authorizes to carry out the requested steps.
  • Land registry number.
  • Signed lease or deed of the property.
  • Certification for Fire Prevention.
  • Environmental Health Certification.
  • Certification of Environmental Compliance by Categorical Exclusion.
  • Endorsement of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, if necessary.
  • Endorsement of the Tourism Company, if necessary.
  • IMPORTANT: Each additional use will entail an additional cost.

Important note:

The time it takes and the approval of this service will fall exclusively on the agency to which it is requested.

Commercial Use Permit - Change of Owner (Premises up to 3,000 s / f)