Franchise Operations Manual

What includes?


Drafting of a franchise operations manual in Spanish which establishes how to carry out the business in a very complete way. The operations manual is also part of the franchise agreement, defining and controlling the way in which the business should be run. Some key points to know about the franchise operations manual are:



  • It will include a series of introductory remarks to explain the nature of the business and summarize in a very general way what each franchisee and franchisor should expect from each other.
  • A more detailed description of the operating system, explaining how it is configured and how the different constituent elements must fit together.
  • A section that deals with the equipment required to run the business, describing the specific parts needed, how to use them, and how to troubleshoot problems that may occur.
  • How to work in relation to personnel, accounting, customer service, advertising and promotion, product preparation, pricing and purchasing policies, inventory control, insurance and the payment of necessary fees.
  • A directory of contacts within the company, as well as contact details of authorized suppliers, service centers, etc.


What must the customer provide?


  • Complete information, both the owner of the brand and its representative.
  • Complete information about the business you want to franchise.
  • Any specific information that you want included in the operations manual.



Up to 3 drafts of the operations manual will be sent to you for evaluation. Each additional draft correction will be billed at $ 75.00 each.

Franchise Operations Manual