Parking Operator License

What includes?


  • File and Payment in the Department of Consumer Affairs of the application for the Parking Operator License.
  • Certification of filing returns with the Department of the Treasury.
  • Certification of Debts before the Department of the Treasury.
  • Certification of Filing Returns of the IVU before the Department of the Treasury.
  • Certification of IVU debts before the Department of the Treasury.
  • Certification of Debts before the Administration for the Support of Minors (ASUME).
  • Negative Certification of Personal Property Debts of the CRIM.
  • Negative Certification of contributory debt for unemployment insurance.
  • Register of Merchants and Businesses of Puerto Rico, in the Commerce and Exportation Company.
  • Certificate of Good Standing from the Department of State (if necessary).


¿Qué debe proveer el cliente?

​What should the client provide?


  • Complete information, both personal and business.
  • Declaration of fulfillment of responsibilities to consumers.
  • Copy of a photo ID.
  • 2x2 portrait
  • Certificate of Registration of the Department of State.
  • Merchant registration.
  • Use Permit
  • Municipal Patent.
  • Endorsement of the Tourism Company, only in requests to operate parking in tourist hotels.
  • Endorsement of the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, only for parking areas that are located on lots or open property.
  • Contract of lease or deed of the property.
  • Criminal record.
  • Copy of Commercial Liability Insurance, which must be in force during the entire period of validity of the license granted by the Department.
  • Copy of the Hosting Contract, the Internal Regulation, the Contingency Plan for Emergency Situations and the Public Order Code.
  • Copy of the fumigation contract of the lodging or evidence that it is fumigated monthly.
  • Copy of the water, electricity or telephone service receipt evidencing the physical address.
  • Insurance: Will submit insurance policies. It must cover the period for which the license is requested. You must have a deductible of no more than $ 100.00 for the "Garage Keeper" covers and cover the risks of fire, theft, explosion and collision. You will only be allowed to substitute this Insurance Policy with a bond that must not be less than $ 40,000 when you present convincing evidence that there is no company that grants the same in the local market. For "Garage Liability" covers, minimum limits of $ 10,000 / $ 20,000 for personal injury and $ 10,000 for property damage. In addition, you must indicate the total number of insured vehicles and the total amount of the cover, which must keep a reasonable proportion with the number of vehicles. It should be noted that in case of cancellation of the Policy, the Insurer will notify the Department in writing.
  • Ticket to use which must contain the following information: Operator's name, date of issue and time of entry and exit, operating hours, warning to the user that any claim must be made before moving the vehicle from the space where it was parked. in which it will be established: "The user has the right to be charged the correct rate and to demand it at any time".
  • Claim Forms.
  • Reports of Claims received (renewal), including names of claimants, address, action taken and status.
  • Signed letter that authorizes to carry out the requested steps.

Parking Operator License