22 Act for individual investors

The Law provides tax exemptions to eligible persons residing in Puerto Rico. It is designed to encourage investors to become residents of Puerto Rico by providing an exemption from Puerto Rico income taxes. To take advantage of such benefits, an individual needs to become a resident of Puerto Rico and apply for a tax exemption decree.


What does our service include?


  • Application for incentives under the law 22.


What should the client provide?


  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant or curriculum vitae.
  • Criminal records of the applicant, issued by the corresponding Authority of the state or country of last residence.
  • Copy of social security card or national identification card.
  • Copy of valid United States passport or resident visa.
  • Signed letter that authorizes PermisosComerciales.com to carry out the requested steps.



The payment included in this service is only for the processing of the application and its respective payment of $ 750. This service does NOT include the payment of $ 5,000 to access the decree of law 22 and does not include the payment of $ 50 for the acceptance of said decree. These payments must be made by the person to whom the incentive is requested once the application is evaluated by the relevant government agency.

22 Act for individual investors