20 Act for Export Services

The Law provides tax exemptions and tax credits to companies that participate in eligible activities in Puerto Rico. The Export Services Law allows commercial companies to benefit from the special tax rates applicable to income derived from services rendered to customers outside of Puerto Rico. Services for foreign markets are provided to non-residents or foreign entities that have no link with Puerto Rico.


What does our service include?


  • Request for incentives under law 20.
  • Certification of filing returns with the Department of the Treasury.
  • Certification of Debts before the Department of the Treasury.
  • Certification of Debts before the Administration for the Support of Minors (ASUME).
  • Negative Certification of CRIM's Property and Personal Property Debts.
  • Non-Unemployment and Disability Insurance Certification from the Department of Labor.
  • Certification of No Debt of the Chauffeur Insurance of the Department of Labor.
  • Non-Debt Certification of the State Insurance Fund.
  • Application for "Good Standing" in the Department of State, if applicable.


What should the client provide?


  • Complete information, both personal and business or office.
  • Copy of identification with photo.
  • Certificate of Incorporation, if incorporated.
  • Corporate resolution, if incorporated.
  • Financial statements for the past 3 years.
  • Criminal history of each direct or indirect shareholder, partner, or
  • member of the applicant, issued by the corresponding authority of
  • the state or country of last residence.
  • Organization chart.
  • Curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae for each direct or indirect shareholder,
  • member or member
  • Commercial references.
  • Signed letter that authorizes PermisosComerciales.com to carry out the requested steps.



The payment included in this service is only for the processing of the application and its respective payment of $ 750. This service does NOT include the payment of $ 50 for the acceptance of said decree. This payment must be made by the person to whom the incentive is requested once the application is evaluated by the relevant government agency.

20 Act for Export Services