Florida Package - Standard Use

What includes?


  • Registration and Payment in the Department of State of the Fictitious Name.
  • Certified copy of fictitious name registration.
  • Filing of the application for the Certificate of Use.
  • Payment of the initial charge required by the office and non-refundable.
  • Complete and submit the Florida Business Tax application.
  • Filing in the corresponding office of the application for the Local Business Tax.


What must the customer provide?


  • Complete information, both personal and business to establish.
  • The folio number of the property.
  • Signed letter authorizing PermisosComerciales.com to carry out the requested steps.
  • Payment required by the Florida Business Tax office, if applicable.
  • Payment required by the Local Business Tax office, if applicable.
  • Payment of additional charges for the approval of the Certificate of Use. In most cases, fees for Certificates of Use are based on the square footage of the area to be occupied plus an environmental fee and a 7.5% surcharge. They can also include the cost of inspections.
  • If the business is regulated by a state or county agency, you must present a copy of your current license or certificate.



Some companies must be inspected before a CU can be issued. These inspections may include electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire, construction, and zoning inspections. Inspections carry charges that may vary and are not included in this service.

Florida Package - Standard Use